Friday, June 6, 2008


Business Benefits
SAP SCM can help you transform a traditional linear supply chain into an adaptive network with the following benefits:

- Faster response to changes in supply and demand – With increased visibility into the supply chain and adaptive supply chain networks, you can be more responsive. You can sense and respond quickly to changes and quickly capitalize on new opportunities.

- Increased customer satisfaction – By offering a common information framework that supports communication and collaboration, SAP SCM enables you to better adapt to and meet customer demands.

- Compliance with regulatory requirements – You can track and monitor compliance in areas such as environment, health, and safety.

- Improved cash flow – Information transparency and real-time business intelligence can lead to shorter cash-to-cash cycle times. Reduced inventory levels and increased inventory turns across the network can lower overall costs.

- Higher margins – With SAP SCM, you can lower operational expenses with more timely planning for procurement, manufacturing, and transportation. Better order, product, and execution tracking can lead to improvements in performance and quality – and lower costs. You can also improve margins through better coordination with business partners.

- Greater synchronization with business priorities – Tight connections with trading partners keep your supply chain aligned with current business strategies and priorities, improving your organization's overall performance and achievement of goals.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


This post is send via my mobile device SAMSUNG SGH E-730.

Here are the steps :

Firstly, make sure you have the mobile device, activate MMS/GPRS, and last but not least you must have credit ( PULSA boss..) in your SIM Card..hehehe

1. Send blank email to from your mobile device, via MMS or GPRS
2. You will received notification code at your email
3. Activate your code by signing to ( you can do this through PC )
4. After activation succeed, choose the blog that you want to post ( pay attention at this step ! )
5. Try to make new posting by send the email from your cell phone to
6. You will received success posting report at your email and the post will appear on ur blog...

Easy, huh ?

But, I have doubt for this mobile posting:
1. There is no differentiation which post is submit via PC or cell phone
    Coz the appearance is same and you still can edit your cell phone's post through PC.

Maybe, mobile posting is made for easier posting, when you away from your PC..

Any suggestion ?

Go mobile.....Thanx...


Saturday, May 10, 2008


Microsoft boss, Bill Gates, was visited Indonesia at 8-9 May 2008. In his first visit to Indonesia, Bill Gates gave presentation about Next Digital Decade.

During this two days visit, Bill Gates attended in two big shows, are Government Leaders Forum (GLF) and Presidential Lecture.
GLF Asia 2008 is an Microsoft annual agenda for Asia Pacific Region which purpose to facilitate this region leader to brainstorming and can review about issue related to Asia Pacific role in future, especially in IT as a support tools for country's successful development. This year Indonesia is the hometown for this summit and the theme is "Serving the Citizen: the Transformative Power of Information Technology in Delivering Government Services".

Meanwhile, Presidential Lecture is held by Kamar Dagang dan Industri Indonesia (Kadin), attend by about 2.500 people. They are including government representative, NGO, private company, media, academician and student. Bill Gates and Presiden RI Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono are the keynote speakr.

As previous mentioned, in this Presidential Lecture, Bill Gates presented about next digital decade.

The interaction between humans and computers will advance in the "next digital decade" to increasingly involve the human voice, gestures and touch, says Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

One of these ideas, he said, was to make a computer with vision.

"Say you had a computer inside your desk that is watching any time you touch the surface. You could touch and grab a document and ask for information to be expanded just with your pen. This is a reality today," he said.

In the near future, he said, such a device could be used in offices as whiteboards or desks that could be operated by human gestures, touch, speech and writing.

"With vision, all of those things will come to the mainstream (to make) the personal computer work in a much different way than it does today," he said.

Development in information technology, he said, not only would bring about new products but also broaden the benefits of what humans could do.

"I want to be clear that by far the biggest impact of these technologies will be on ... activities of healthcare, education, government and research. These tools will become dramatically more effective for those activities," Gates said.

For a country like Indonesia to catch up with the advancement, he said, it was imperative to focus on allowing more students access to information technology.

"In terms of applying these technologies, there has to be infrastructure ... and enough educated people with the skill set, and there has to be a national plan," Gates said while praising President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for leading the national committee on information technology.

Speaking separately at Microsoft's Government Leaders Forum in Jakarta the same day, the President said the government was currently moving to expand use of IT in a move toward good governance.

"Using IT, we have streamlined our bureaucracy and enhanced transparency in our governance. We are now into e-procurement," Yudhoyono told the forum.

The speech, also attended by Gates and Microsoft chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie, was titled, "Serving the Citizen: The Transformative Power of Information Technology in Delivering Government Services".

"With the help of information technology, any government can deliver services to the people much faster and more efficiently. But to us in Indonesia, with a population of 230 million, the task is a great challenge," Yudhoyono said.

The government is currently reviewing all laws and regulations for faster information technology development, expanding the fiber optic backbone nationwide while promoting e-literacy through the education system.

The president said the government aimed to connect 1.43 million computers in schools throughout the country by 2009, the end of his tenure.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Go deeper with MIS

well...well..u're back right...

Below, detail for MIS ( Management Information System ), hopefully can assist you for clearer view about this subject.

  • MIS, in our faculty the code is IES 31025.

  • Objective : To understand MIS and IT's rule in present industry for facing globalization era.

  • Syllabus : Introduction to MIS, MIS/IT as competitive advantage, IT and e-commerce, Database and Database Management, System Analysis and Design, MIS and Relationship with RQM and QS, CBIS, Decision Support System, Executive Information System, Marketing, Manufacturing Information System, Financial, Human Resource Information System.

  • Source :
    1. McLeod, Management Information System, 10th edition, Prentice Hall, 2003
2. Lucas, Information System Concepts for Management, McGraw Hill, 1994

  • Lecturer : M. Dachyar ( Ir, UI, MSc, VU Brussel, Belgia )

Until now, we've done several tasks in this MIS subject :

1. Journal of Information System
2. Journal of Knowledge Management
3. Journal of e-commerce and EDI
4. Personal blogspot publishing
5. Journal of System Analyst and Barcode's history
6. Journal of Business Process

By collecting, reading and resuming these journals can enhance my knowledge about MIS and those applications. In my opinion, future trend will be major related to information system, so these tasks are today step for tomorrow..

If you have something to share or discuss related above subjects, do not hesitate to submit your comment. E-discussion.....why not ?

For next task, it will be about MS-Access...well guys...lets do it !

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hi there..
First time comin' to my blog ? promise you, this won't be your last time..:)

No wonder, this blog was order to accomplish my MIS's ( Management Information System ) assignment .

MIS is one of my subject for this semester. Interesting subject, will intrigue you to learn more
about information technology, and all the applications that can make you survive in this cyber, prepare to be virtual.

For deep knowledge about MIS, please feel free to read "Management Information System"
by Raymond McLeod, Jr. and George P.Schell, tenth edition. We can share our ideas and
knowledges through this blog.

That's it for now..see you in the next chapter